• Eclettica

    La nuova scala eclettica è un esempio di design unito all’utilità di una scala a chiocciola ma salva spazio, in quanto richiudibile su se stessa.
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  • Laser Cutting

    The AMADA LC2415 Alpha 4 machine is a highly dynamic and efficient laser cutting system.
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  • Folding and Cutting

    Folding metal sheets with digitally controlled machines is the most common kind of work on metal sheets for plastic deforming in the industrial field.
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Company profile

B PIÙ s.r.l. has thirty years of experience in metal processing.
The company was founded by Francesco Bini who, thanks to his experience and his own machinery pool which has been renewed and expanded in recent years, has led the company B PIÙ s.r.l. to a point where it can provide quality cutting, folding and welding of materials at a competitive price.

The recent investment in a Laser unloading machine, has further enhanced the company and considerably expanded its range of work, as it makes it easier to load and unload material mechanically, thus employing less time to complete a client's order.

The company also designs and produces items in wrought iron ranging from window frames to grills, gates and furnishings accessories...Read more


B PIÙ s.r.l. realizza oggetti in metallo avvalendosi delle più moderne tecnologie. Partendo da un progetto realizzato con tecnologia CAD/CAM viene data forma ai vostri oggetti. Anni di esperienza e la continua ricerca hanno portato l'azienda a concretizzare una vasta gamma di sistemi taglio Laser basati su sorgenti con potenza fino 4000w. In base al materiale e al grado di produttività, B PIÙ è in grado di fornire il sistema di taglio Laser più idoneo